Levi Donald Read Frazier

Declared for: National Collegiate Representative

Personal Information


Ames, Iowa

Initiating Chapter:

Upsilon Chi (Northwest Missouri State University)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Vice-President
  • Chapter Warden
  • Fraternity Education Officer
  • Collegiate Province Representative
Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I joined Phi Mu Alpha because it gave me belonging. From the moment I stepped foot on NWMSU's campus, I had been greeted by Sinfonians who showed the utmost for leadership, kindness, and musical excellence. Throughout the music department, there was a Sinfonian in every area to gladly offer a helping hand, or even just an ear in the practice room. Phi Mu Alpha was the first time in my life that a group of males unconditionally included. Sinfonia taught me the brotherhood of humankind.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Iowa State University Bachelor of Music Trombone and Organ Performance 2023
Iowa State University Bachelor of Arts Acting and Directing 2023
Current Employer:


Current Job:

Guest Advisor

Weekly Employment Hours:

Part-Time (Under 40 Hours per Week)

Award/Achievement Associated Organization/Company Year Received
Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship Iowa State University 2018-2022
Friends of Music and Theatre Excellence Scholarship Iowa State University 2021
Patrick Gouran Memorial Scholarship Iowa State University 2021
Flemming Award in Organ Iowa State University 2021
LAS Dean's Advisory Scholarship Iowa State University 2021
Central Iowa American Guild of Organists Young Organists Scholarship American Guild of Organists 2020
M Burton Drexler Excellence in Theatre Award Iowa State University 2020
M Burton Drexler Excellence in Theatre Award Iowa State University 2019
Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence United States Marine Corps 2017
Cardinal Theatre Patron Scholarship Cardinal Theatre 2017
Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Music Achievement Scholarship Glenn Miller Birthplace Society 2017
Clarinda Community Theatre Actors Scholarship Clarinda Community Theatre 2017
Runza Student of the Week Runza 2017

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

National Collegiate Representative

Vision for Sinfonia:

Phi Mu Alpha's mission from inception has always been for the brotherhood of musical students and the advancement of music in America. These two are the principal pillars from which all other aims derive. To that end, our pillars our crumbling. We must revitalize and readdress who and what we are. The future of Phi Mu Alpha should reflect the future of music and musical education in America. We are lacking in our departments with support for modern American composers and musicians. I find so many chapters huddled to only themselves but eyes blind to the brotherhood and inclusivity of all musical students. My vision for the future is a unified Phi Mu Alpha that can bring unity to collegiate music programs.

Why Are You Running:

I wish to run for office to help bring about the direction I envision for the Fraternity. The role of NCR is to be a bridge between the NEC and the collegiate brotherhood at large. These two bodies must heal their rift and work together to move into the next chapter of the Fraternity. The last three years have been a dark chapter for our brotherhood. We must make amends, heal, and move forward together as brothers in music. I wish to best serve by aiding chapters and provinces with new efforts to make themselves more inclusive for potential brothers, as well as aiding in being more of a helpful presence within their departments that shows our object of advancing music and creating true mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students.

Qualifications for Office:

I come from a splintered music department. Among the music Greeks in my department, we are always walking on glass around each other. I have discovered we're not unique in this. Whether it be Kappas vs. PMA, major vs. non-major, voice vs. instrumental, the story is the same--discord. Phi Mu Alpha should be instrumental in bringing about unity and working together in harmony. Having personal experience in this regard as both an instrumentalist and vocalist, and a "PsiFonian," I believe I am apt to help understand sides and mend rifts. I am going into my sixth year of undergrad, I have been around for a while. I think this gives me a unique and mature understanding to best help collegiate Sinfonians navigate their way forward and give perspective to the NEC. I am also a genderqueer brother who knows how it feels to join a "manly" fraternity. I would love to help us move forward to reach out to potential brothers who feel they wouldn't belong but who Sinfonia would benefit from having.