Mr. Samuel D Porter

Declared for: Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Personal Information


Woodland Park, NJ

Initiating Chapter:

Iota Kappa (Lebanon Valley College)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter Treasurer
  • Chapter Alumni Relations Officer
  • Collegiate Province Representative
Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I originally join Phi Mu Alpha as a way to connect even further to music. Even as a music education major, I knew that I wanted my connection to music to be the most powerful force in my life. I continued in the process of joining Phi Mu Alpha because of the community built on my campus with the brothers at the time. The energy of their collegiate experience was contagious and I knew I had to be a part of it.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Lebanon Valley College Bachelor of Science Music Education 2016
Current Employer:

Lodi Public Schools

Current Job:

Band Director

Weekly Employment Hours:

Over 40 Hours per Week

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Vision for Sinfonia:

My vision is to see Phi Mu Alpha continue its object as not only a collegial experience but as a lifelong endeavor for brothers to share in. I want to see this without the turmoil and vitriol that has plagued this organization as of late. My vision for Phi Mu Alpha is to see more representation at all levels. Brothers of all types feel unrepresented and unheard. That is unacceptable as we look to the future of this or any organization. I envision a Phi Mu Alpha with support to alumni members and groups. Communication is the start of this endeavor. I envision an organization that is supportive of ALL members at all levels. I want to make a concerted effort to see new leadership rise and lead this organization into the future.

Why Are You Running:

I wish to run for office to be the change I want to see. That has always been my goal. I ran for office in my chapter because I believed we could do more on our campus. I helped to change our image on campus as members of greek life and change behaviors within the chapter that were unsafe and unethical. I ran for CPR to forge deeper connections to the 7 chapters in my province and create procedures and pathways to give chapters more opportunities to collaborate and enrich brotherhood. We are in need of brothers at the national level that will take a brother-centered approach to change and progress. I would be honored to help be the change I want to see.

Qualifications for Office:

My best qualifications for the office I seek are my compatibility and adaptability. Socially I am able to move and connect with people from all walks of life. It is crucial that we can work together and the NEC professionally but with no undue animosity. Being able to connect with one another will be critical to this endeavor especially given previous circumstances. Adaptability is critical for the connection and collaboration of ideas. Working together for the advancement of the fraternity will require the sharing, and more importantly, the adapting of ideas. There will be a lot of work to be done upon appointment to the NEC.

Do You Have Strategic/Financial Planning Oversight Experience:


Strategic/Financial Planning Experience:

Before my career in education, I was the general manager of both a Speedway Gas Station and Domino's Pizza. As the GM, I was responsible for our bottom line. Utilities, inventory management and ordering, labor costs, scheduling, and sales performance were under my umbrella of responsibilities. While my budget was not that of a national organization, I have managed staff, analyzed and managed costs, and taken part in strategic planning for the organization and running of my stores.

Do You Have Experience with Large Budgets: