Mr. Nathaniel Devoe Boone

Declared for: Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Personal Information


Scott Depot, West Virginia

Initiating Chapter:

Kappa Zeta (West Virginia Wesleyan College)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter Vice-President
  • Chapter Alumni Relations Officer
  • Fraternity Education Officer
  • Province Governor
Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I joined Phi Mu Alpha as a way to connect with other gentlemen who shared my love for music. My experience with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia has been far more than I could have ever imagined. What I have found is a true brotherhood with men across the country who not only share my love for music but genuinely care for one another.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Liberty University B.S. Psychology and Christian Counseling 2022
Current Employer:

Camp Appalachia

Current Job:

Administrative Assistant and Outdoor Education Specialist

Weekly Employment Hours:

40 Hours per Week

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Vision for Sinfonia:

My vision for Phi Mu Alpha is a future where we once again reflect on the ideals cherished by the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha and implement them in all of our deliberations. The future will involve difficult conversations that cannot be made without careful consideration for its implications on the brothers of this fraternity both present and future and with brotherhood in our hearts. My vision for this fraternity is to utilize the gifts of our brothers, regardless of title, to develop and recommend the necessary changes to reflect the vision of our founders while propelling us forward into the future. May we all come together, collegiate and alumni, to move our brotherhood on an ever upward and pave the way for the future of Sinfonia!

Why Are You Running:

My decision to run for office was not an easy one. I wanted to be sure that my motives for running were pure. Running for office, for me, has nothing to do with gaining a title or power. I wanted to run for office because I want to give back to an organization that has given me so much. As we move forward from a difficult triennium, my reason for running for office is a heartfelt compulsion to help my brothers move forward and attempt to be a level head and voice of reason that is needed if we are to close the book on the events of the last four years and strive for the exciting future of our beloved fraternity.

Qualifications for Office:

My best qualifications for this role are my level head and voice of reason. My approach to any problem is to listen first and talk last. So many disagreements and misunderstandings begin when one or both parties fail to listen to the other. As brothers, this should be the bare minimum. I have had experience and training in de-escalation and conflict resolution as a teacher for eight years, a counseling student, and a Province Governor. I always strive to listen to all sides before making a decision or comment, and I approach every issue with a level head. Most importantly, I promise to treat every brother with respect and dignity regardless of whether I agree or disagree. Every brother deserves an opportunity to be heard, free of judgment.

Do You Have Strategic/Financial Planning Oversight Experience:


Do You Have Experience with Large Budgets: