Mr. Brian Scott Duerksen

Declared for: Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Personal Information


New York, NY

Initiating Chapter:

Xi (University of Kansas)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter Vice-President
  • Chapter Warden
  • Chapter Alumni Relations Officer
  • Collegiate Province Representative
Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I joined as a law student and wanted to maintain my connection to music. After learning about Sinfonia, I thought that it was a great way to keep my connection to music but also to serve my community and school through my music.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Friends University Bachelor of Arts Political Science/History 2006
Friends University Bachelor of Arts Music 2006
Friends University Master of Business Law Business Law 2008
University of Kansas School of Law Juris Doctorate Corporate Law 2012
Current Employer:

Blackstone Inc.

Current Job:

In-House Legal and Compliance

Weekly Employment Hours:

Over 40 Hours per Week

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term)

Vision for Sinfonia:

I would like to see Sinfonia do a better job of not only connecting with, but engaging with, its alumni members. While Sinfonia is and should necessarily be an organization for its active membership, we have a treasure trove of talent in all walks of life. Whether it be simply connecting active members with alumni in different parts of the country, or setting up some form of active mentorship program, I think we drastically underserve our active membership by not utilizing our alumni. This I think is the biggest hole in our organization, and by connecting and engaging with alumni, we would do wonders for both past and present membership.

Why Are You Running:

I want to help guide Sinfonia's future and help steer the ship toward new heights. Additionally, it seems at least some of the turmoil that has arisen over the last couple of years has centered around interpretation of legal issues, which are best placed for an attorney to assist with. I think some of the division could have been minimized with an attorney on the NEC, as there previously had been. I think a legally trained mind and voice on the NEC is very important to help move Sinfonia forward.

Qualifications for Office:

I think my biggest asset to Sinfonia is that I'm an attorney and have the training to interpret complex legal issues. While I cannot provide legal advice on things as a member of the NEC, I can provide a different view than others would be able to.

I think my next most important qualification is my dedication to the things that I care about. Sinfonia has been a big part of my adult life, and I've remained dedicated to serving the fraternity even past graduation. I want to see Sinfonia into the next chapter, and I will put whatever work in that needs to be done in order to achieve that goal.

Lastly, I think my ability to build meaningful relationships with others would be extremely valuable to the NEC. The NEC is charged with representing people in different walks and with different ideas, and in order to be successful and build consensus, a person has to be able to work with and have relationships with as many people as possible. I believe I possess the ability to do that.

Do You Have Strategic/Financial Planning Oversight Experience:


Do You Have Experience with Large Budgets: