Mr. Erick Jamar Reid

Declared for: National Vice President

Personal Information


Houston, TX

Initiating Chapter:

Rho Mu (Norfolk State University)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Alumni Relations Officer
  • Fraternity Education Officer
  • Collegiate Province Representative
  • Province Governor
  • National Collegiate Representative
  • Other
Other Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Positions Held:

Commissioner, Commission on Standards

Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I joined Phi Mu Alpha because I believed in the organization's mission. Before my arrival, Phi Mu Alpha did not exist on Norfolk State University's campus. After studying the history of the organization and the basic understanding of the Object, I felt Sinfonia should be accessible to other men at Norfolk State University. From chartering in 2008 to today, I strive daily to live the oath and do my part to fulfill the organization's mission, as this was my primary reason for joining this Order.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Norfolk State University Bachelor of Arts Sociology 2011
University of Maryland Global Campus Masters of Business Administration Executive Leadership 2023
Current Employer:

Southwest Airlines

Current Job:

Team Leader, Learning and Development

Weekly Employment Hours:

40 Hours per Week

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

National Vice President

Vision for Sinfonia:

The role of the Vice President is to assist the President of the organization in fulfilling his vision. While this will be my primary responsibility, I believe we have to look at where we've been and where we can go from here. My vision includes starting from the basics in increasing ritual and fraternity education. We should change our way of looking at Brotherhood both locally and nationally. We must uplift each other, so there should be an increase in our mental health initiatives. We must diversify the music we promote and PERFORM MORE MUSIC! Finally, we must improve the collegiate experience to have a more substantial alumni presence. We must rehabilitate our Alumni Associations and our relationship with the Alumni Brother.

Why Are You Running:

I wish to run for office because I love Phi Mu Alpha and see much potential in this organization. We have come a long way and can go even further with my leadership! I have been a brother for 14 years and have experienced this organization at every level. We have some work to complete to ensure others will be able to experience Sinfonia in the future. I have dedicated the last 14 years to serving this organization, and my leadership experience is now needed on the National Executive Committee. I believe our future as an organization is bright, and we can win the World to harmony, but we must look inward and make changes to sustain our order first. My fraternity and corporate experience make me the ideal Vice President.

Qualifications for Office:

My best qualifications for the office of Vice President include my past leadership experience in Phi Mu Alpha as a Collegiate Province Representative, National Collegiate Representative, Province Governor, and Commissioner on the Commission on Standards. These experiences have shaped my understanding of what Phi Mu Alpha should be. Along with these qualifications, I have a proven track record of being a servant leader in many nationwide organizations. I have the experience of working with national bodies to get work done. In addition to being a servant leader, I have experience working with long and short-term strategies. This strategy experience will be significant in examining the future of Sinfonia and its impact on this Nation.

Do You Have Strategic/Financial Planning Oversight Experience:


Strategic/Financial Planning Experience:

In my current role at Southwest Airlines, I am responsible for the planning and implementing strategy in terms of training and education for over 350 representatives across the Country. This planning includes conducting needs analysis, setting and prioritizing objectives, and ensuring the plan is implemented and reviewed consistently. Additionally, In my role as secretary-treasurer on a board of a local nonprofit, I have had to work with financial oversight. This included chairing the budgeting committee, working with capital giving campaigns, conducting quarterly audits, and presenting findings to the board.

Do You Have Experience with Large Budgets:


Budgeting Experience:

In addition to providing leadership with strategy at Southwest Airlines, I am also responsible for accurately outlining the budgetary impacts my team will have on the overall budget of Southwest Airlines University. I have experience overseeing a half-a-million-dollar budget. This management includes equipment and infrastructure updates, employee raises and bonuses allotment, and funding for new training initiatives determined through the organization's strategic plan. In addition to working with budget management in this capacity, I have served as secretary-treasurer for a local volunteer organization in my hometown. This has provided me with experience working directly with non-profit organizations' budgets and governance.