Daniel David Drake

Declared for: Committeeman-at-Large (3-Year Term)

Personal Information


Litchfield, IL

Initiating Chapter:

Alpha Lambda (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leadership Roles Held:
  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Secretary
  • Fraternity Education Officer
  • Other
Other Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Positions Held:

Commission on Standards

Reason for Joining Sinfonia:

I joined Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia because it was a place I felt like I belonged. On move-in day during my first year at Illinois Wesleyan, Sinfonians helped me move in. When I needed help finding my first class, Sinfonians helped me find it. As I got acquainted within the School of Music I realized I was spending most of my time with Sinfonians. I felt welcomed. I felt wanted. I knew there was a connection that I desperately needed in my life and still rely on today.

Professional & Qualifying Information

Educational Institution Degree Area of Study Year Received
Illinois Wesleyan University Bachelor of Music Education Music Education - Band 2020
Current Employer:

Hillsboro Community Unit School District #3 - Hillsboro, Illinois

Current Job:

Director of Bands

Weekly Employment Hours:

Over 40 Hours per Week

Award/Achievement Associated Organization/Company Year Received
Midwest Regional Tuba Student Competition Winner International Tuba Euphonium Association 2018
Concerto-Aria Competition Winner Illinois Wesleyan School of Music 2019

Candidacy Information

Office Sought:

Committeeman-at-Large (3-Year Term)

Vision for Sinfonia:

My vision for Sinfonia is centered around involvement. There is so much isolation right now within our fraternity due to COVID-19 but also general separation between chapters, provinces, and members. I want Sinfonia to spend the next triennium focused on getting and keeping brothers connected. I want to break this into two fronts: alumni involvement, and collegiate involvement. Alumni need a reworked Alumni Association system as well as more opportunities to serve on committees in areas of their personal expertise. Collegiate members need greater opportunities to connect across chapter and province lines to create a larger chapter-to-chapter connection. My vision is for a more connected and communication-focused Sinfonia.

Why Are You Running:

I wish to run because our brotherhood needs change. I believe that my experience on the Commission on Standards has given me insight into some of these areas that most drastically need change. Areas such as alumni organization and engagement, chapter welfare and development, intra-province health and support, and overall member welfare. As someone who recently graduated college, I can address current issues I have noticed as well as heard from collegiate brothers. In addition, I am a young alumni who has already seen the struggle with communication and collaboration that needs to be addressed for all Sinfonians. It is time for Sinfonia to change so it can be around for generations to experience the incredible organization that we all love.

Qualifications for Office:

Throughout my time within Sinfonia I have experienced multiple positions within the chapter, province, and national settings. During my time as a collegiate member of the Alpha Lambda chapter, I severed as the Fraternity Education Officer, Chapter Secretary, and Chapter President. Each of these positions gave me different views of the innerworkings of the chapter system and allowed me to make changes that helped our chapter grow. Since 2018, I have served with the Commission on Standards and have learned significantly about how our fraternity functions and how we can better work with chapters to improve the overall wellbeing of the fraternity. My experience with Phi Mu Alpha has led me to believe I am highly qualified for this office.

Do You Have Strategic/Financial Planning Oversight Experience:


Do You Have Experience with Large Budgets: