Angie Carr

Angie Carr

Presenter - Recruitment


Angie Carr currently serves as Career Services Coordinator at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City where she helps students, staff, and faculty work to find their best life through their careers.  Angie hails from Kansas City, MO, and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Mass Communications from the University of Central Arkansas.


Upon graduation, she traveled as a Leadership Consultant for her National Sorority and then received her Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Leadership from Northwestern State University. Angie served as Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Central Missouri and the University of Kansas. Prior to her current career, Angie was Director of Student Life at Rockhurst University where she focused on leadership, orientation, fraternity sorority life and student engagement.


Nearly 150 campuses, national fraternities, sororities and businesses have heard Angie speak or facilitate through her roles as Facilitator for CAMPUSPEAK, LaunchPoint Solutions, and through personal consultations.  Students Angie works with say they always leave her office feeling more confident about themselves and excited about life.


The Kansas City Royals and Chiefs stole Angie’s heart and she is a lifelong fan, win or lose.