Alison Wallis

Alison Wallis

Head Parlimentarian


Attorney Parliamentarian Alison Wallis lives near New Orleans, Louisiana but travels around the country to assist members and organizations with Robert’s Rules of Order, interpretation of their own bylaws and governing authority, and other meeting procedures.


As a professional parliamentarian since 2005, Alison Wallis has served a variety of nonprofit organizations of many types and sizes, as well as condominium boards, homeowners associations, churches, lineage societies, alumni groups, animal organizations, governmental boards and committees, political parties, religious groups, labor unions, and professional societies. She is recognized as an expert in both Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) and The American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (AIPSC).


Alison is the president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, the clerk of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers, a trustee for the Dahms Foundation (an organization that promotes parliamentary education), and is active in the National Association of Parliamentarians. She is the immediate past District Director of District 6 for NAP, covering the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.


Parliamentary services Alison can provide include educating convention delegates, training board members, supervising elections, drafting or advising on the wording of bylaw amendments, providing tips for accurate meeting minutes, writing a useful script for the presiding officer, lecturing on practical parliamentary topics, writing parliamentary opinions to apply the organization’s governing provisions, serving as an impartial presiding officer, and ensuring compliance with the organization’s governing documents while empowering its members.


Alison has served as Phi Mu Alpha’s parliamentarian at the 2015 and 2018 National Conventions.