Declaration of Candidacy

At the upcoming 57th National Convention, the voting body will elect a new National President, National Vice President, Committeeman-at-Large (3-Year Term), Committeeman-at-Large (6-Year Term), and a National Collegiate Representative.

Brothers who intend to run for National Office during the 57th National Convention should fill out the form below by June 30, 2022. A list of all eligible candidates who fill out the form will be published and distributed in early July to the voting body for consideration prior to arrival at the National Convention. If you intend to run for more than one office, you must submit a separate form for each office.

NOTE: All those interested in running for National Office should not book return travel prior to Monday, July 25, 2022. Given the extended amount of business before the National Executive Committee and the issues we face, a full meeting on July 24, 2022, will be necessary for the newly elected NEC.

NEC MEETING: July 24, 2022

Sorry. This form is no longer available.